Coolidge Corner Theatre

Some random comments on a post from a couple years ago (Fargo Theatre Home of “Wood-Chip Marge”) prompts me to post a photo took of my favorite local movie venue, the Coolidge Corner Theatre. On Saturday night, Cathy, Megan, and I strolled over from Allston on a mild spring night to take in “Thank You for Smoking,” and having a new camera to test out gave me a good excuse to snap this photo of the marquee. When I move in September, I’ll be doing everything I can to keep some reasonable proximity to Coolidge Corner so that I can continue the habit of walking to and from the movies.

Coolidge Corner Theater marquee


2 responses to “Coolidge Corner Theatre”

  1. Ken Liss Avatar

    I was particularly glad to see the addition of the new Coolidge marquee a few years back.  It gave the theater more of a street presence and then some, something it lost to an extant when the entrance was moved from Harvard Street around the corner to the alley.I just hope it lasts.  A year or so ago, while in the Brookline building department doing research for my Blake Park neighborhood history project, I overhead several of the building inspectors disparaging the marquee as a "piece of crap".  (I’m pretty sure — unfortunately, considering the source — that they meant it structurally, not aesthetically.) 

  2. Tim Lindgren Avatar
    Tim Lindgren

    I haven’t been around long enough to remember the pre-marquee days, so this is good to know. And I’ll be sure avoid standing right underneath it, just to be safe. Tim