Sticks of Fire: a Tampa website

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A weblog all about Tampa, written by tampans.


3 responses to “Sticks of Fire: a Tampa website”

  1. myrnatheminx Avatar

    I recently became aware of this site as well.  They also run a blog aggregator or city blogs.  I’d like to do the same thing for my site: which is also a city blog of sorts…becoming more so each day.  I think your project is very interesting and wonder if you look into the egocentricness of this whole phenomenon. To me its a lot like committing to writing a dissertation (!).  There is a heavy self absorption element to it because of the time and effort it takes to run a city blog.

  2. Tim Lindgren Avatar
    Tim Lindgren

    Thanks for your comment myrnatheminx. I’m sorry the running your city blog feels like writing a dissertation, though I see what you’re saying. Dissertation writing and blogging both require a certain amount of self-absorption, though in differet ways. Audience here is key: Dissertations can get you way inside your own head because it often if feels like you have a depressingly small audience; blogs require a certain amount of ego because the motivation for blogging derives from the desire for audience–and the real potential for gaining a large readership relatively quickly. In other words, it requires ego to keep writing a dissertation when you feel like you’re writing for no-one and ego to cultivate an audience for your blog when you might be writing for everyone.  I guess I find the two have the potential to compliment one another–a dissertation blog could generate a slighly wider sense of audience and collaboration through the writing process. Good luck with your city blog. Do you fee like your city blog helps you feel more connected to Reno?