Review: Two Wheel Gear's Garment Bag Pannier

During the eight straight days of rain last week, I had plenty of chances to test out some new gear and the new commuting routine the goes along with it. Now that I’m working full-time at BC, I need to look at least moderately professional after biking to work, which is difficult to do in the slush of winter or in the heat of summer. Since I have access the gym on campus, I decided to begin taking my work cloths with me and shower there before work. The only rub was getting the cloths there without wrinkles, which is where Two Wheel Gear’s garment bag pannier comes in: this brilliant piece of design allows me to fold my cloths nicely in the bag and then drape it over my back rack, where it attaches securely with enough clearance to avoid hitting the backs of my feet. The side pockets offer plenty of space for shoes, lunch, and extras cloths. And it’s highly durable and water resistant to boot. With my new rain pants from REI, I now can ride to work in a downpour and still walk into work dry and unwrinkled.

What the bag can’t do, as I discovered, is remind you to bring your socks, your belt, your extra underwear, or your pants–all of which I’ve forgotten on at least one occasion. It’s hard to look professional when you’re wearing nylon running pants and a dress shirt all day.