Power to the "brave wheat farmers of North Dakota"

From Orion Magazine:

FOOD FIGHT: A Revolt in the Breadbasket of Democracy by Ted Nace

“Monsanto already controls 91% of the GM seed market worldwide — corn, rice, soy beans — and have now set their sights on taking over America’s wheat.

But the brave wheat farmers of North Dakota have other plans. So far, and against all odds, they’ve prevailed.”


2 responses to “Power to the "brave wheat farmers of North Dakota"”

  1. Trishymouse Avatar

    I’m very proud to be from the Red River Valley when I read things like this.  Science can be and has been a very positive factor in our lives, but we should not simply accept change for change sake without making sure of all the possible consequences…http://trishymouse.net

  2. Tim Lindgren Avatar
    Tim Lindgren

    I sent this to my dad and he said he was going run it by some of our relatives who are farmers. It will be interesting to get there impressions.