Bob stopped into Cafenation this morning while I was there and while were chatting he mentioned a new site he’s been asked to do some consulting work for–Travel Goat:

“ is a free customizable insider’s audio guide to New York City . Unlike other audio walking tours or online travel guides, TravelGoat provides a unique perspective on New York through the power of personal storytelling. The site provides a forum for members of the TravelGoat community to:

•  Browse your and other’s stories

•  Listen to stories online or download them to an MP3 player to listen to at the location the story is about

•  Use the online recording studio to record and share your own stories

•  Learn about locations around New York and what your peers think is cool and interesting about them

•  Create customized walking tours of New York City”

Not only can you easily record a story right in the browser and then attach it to a map, but you can also create customized walking tours (“safaris”) that you can download as mp3s to your portable music player. While Travelgoat is only designed for NY right now, Bob said they hope to expand to other cities soon.


2 responses to “Travel Goat”

  1. The site has been expanded! Tell us what you think! Thanks for the kind words!

    1. timlindgren Avatar

      Thanks, Cory. Looks good!