The Sign of the Skateboard

Today as I went to Herrells to get a cup of coffee, I noticed this skateboard that someone took time to bold to the bus stop sign. It’s a nice touch.

Photo of a skateboard afixed to a street sign


2 responses to “The Sign of the Skateboard”

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    I began to notice the rain storm paintings around town in the fall of 2003.  they appear in such interesting places.  up high or on signs.  I guess they are grafitti/vandalism but somehow they are so well thought out and so beautifully crafted that I am glad they are there.  I am intriqued and wish I knew more about the artist and his/her mission.

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    Thanks–I didn’t realize there were other instances of this design. I went by Herrell’s this morning and noticed that the skateboard is gone–bummer. Let me know if you see any other examples of that design.