Sweet Finnish Closed

Yesterday I was rode to my regular dissertation coffee shop, Sweet Finnish, on Centre St., only to see that it wasn’t opened yet. In the interest of time, I decided to continue down to JP Licks, my other writing spot. Just I was leaving, one of the Sweet Finnish regulars came in and informed me that it had suddenly gone out of business.

It’s always sad to see a good coffee shop go down, especially when it had become part of my writing routine. I liked the quiet, Scandinavian feel to it, with the smells of the bakery in background. JP LIcks is a great place as well, but I’ll miss having the chance to enjoy both.


One response to “Sweet Finnish Closed”

  1. Eric Gordon Avatar
    Eric Gordon

    A sweet finish indeed. Didn’t tell anyone and people just showed up at the door one morning to a casual “we’re closed” sign in the door. Bummer.

    Can’t wait to read your dissertation. Even if it’s written at JP LIcks.