On the Cove

A diary of living on Lanes Cove, Gloucester, Massachusetts


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  1. This site carries day-to-day activities around the Lanes Cove, which is the smallest cove on Cape Ann (Ipswich Bay side) and is protected by two large granite breakwaters. The breakwaters and wharves were started in 1828 primarily to service the granite quarries in the area. Though all the quarries are now abandoned, the cove is used by lobster boats as well a pleasure boats.The residents of Lanesville (the small village around the cove) are an eclectic mixture ranging from a world famous economist to hard working fishermen. The area sports some interesting events from a huge 4th of July bonfire to a Bluefish tournament on Labor Day weekend. Though Lanesville is about ten minutes from either downtown Gloucester or Rockport, it is off the beaten track enough to retain a relaxed charm.Many visitors stay for a couple of nights at the local bed and breakfasts that are around the cove, and some rent properties for a week or more (we have a vacation apartment known as "On the Cove"–see the website for details). During the summer a kayaking company–Discovery Adventures–caters to anyone who wants to experience the coastline on an intimate basis.Lanes Cove is a favorite of artists with its massive granite breakwaters, lobster boats and ramshackle fishermen’s shack providing quintessential New England subjects for their paintings. On hot days people swim in the cove to cool off. The breakwater is also a favorite for recreational fishermen. The boatramp allows folks that can’t wait ten years for a mooring in the cove the opportunity to get their boats in the water.Small businesses come and go in Lanesville–reportedly a bakery/coffee shop is going into the former antique store–but the Lanesville Liquor Store remains steady. It is a place for finding out exactly what’s happening in the area, plus pick up your favorite beverage be it beer, wine or milk.Lanesville and Lanes Cove are really undiscovered (and many would like to keep it that way) hideaways–quirky, eclectic, diverse and picturesque–a great place to spend an afternoon, a week or a whole summer.