Neighborhood Changes

In my neighborhood of Boston, it seems like every time I walk out the door I notice another store or restaurant that either has disappeared or just come into existence. This evening I took a leisurely stroll to International Bicycle to pick up a new tube, and during my meandering walk (all with in five minutes of my house) I was amazed at how many changes I noticed when I actually paid attention.

Three stores on Harvard Ave were empty:

  • Sovereign Bank (relocated)
  • Flyrabbit (becoming Regeneration Records)
  • International Pizza and Subs

Three stores were new that I hadn’t notice before:

  • Padria Basil Bakery on Harvard Ave
  • Bella Fashion (purses) on Brighton Ave
  • S and I To Go on Brighton (Thai take-out)

I also took a closer look at three places that have opened up in the last month or two:

  • Mt. Mongolian BBQ on Harvard
  • Aneka Rasa Malaysian Restaurant
  • Green Field Brazilian BBQ on Brighton Ave. (formerly the Amvet’s Thrift Store)

Compiling this brief inventory  reminds me how little I really know about this neighborhood and how much more of my attention it deserves.