Missing the Pura Vida

This morning I’m back at JP Licks trying to get back into the dissertation groove, but since I have just a few minutes left before my battery goes dead, I’m going to take moment to post on my trip to Costa Rica. In typical fashion, I’ve been waiting to write a longer description of the week, to capture the essence of the experience in vivid description and poignant reflection, but all this does is prevent me from posting anything until it all has lost it’s sense of timeliness.

So I’ll just throw up a quick note here saying that it was a great week, and now it all seems a long ways away after several days of biking in cold rain. For most of the week the eight of us traveling together were in the small town of Puerto Viejo on the Caribbean coast, tucked away near the border of Panama. We spent our time surfing, swimming, taking hikes the rain forest, and eating great food. Here’s a photo gallery to give you a sampler of the week until I have time to write more.