Inaugural Zip Car Outing

This weekend I rented a Zipcar for the first time for Cathy’s birthday and we took a little jaunt up to the Monadnack region of new Hampshire–just far enough to feel like we were getting away, but short enough that I would stay within the mileage and time constraints. We rented a Mini Cooper, a fun little car with a large sun roof, satellite radio, and plenty of zip. On the ride back I got to lay it open a bit on the interstate as we rushed to get it back on time, and I was impressed by how smooth it rode for such a small car.

We stopped at Mill State Park for a little hike, and were happy to be able to pose the Mini next to the Hummer parked in the the lot. The picture says it all, especially with the customized license plate.

Hummer next to yellow Mini Cooper
yellow Mini Cooper next to small yellow child's car
yellow Mini Cooper next to small yellow childs car