Getting Settled in San Francisco

Last night I arrived in San Francisco after along day of travelling and a hectic week. The CCCC conference began this morning and I was there bright and early for a morning workshop on blogging.

At noon I met up with Jarrett from Creature of the Shade for my fourth installment in the “conversations with place bloggers” series. I was interested in hearing how he got started blogging and what connections he makes between his writing and his sense of place. As we sat looking out over Market Street and downtown San Francisco, our conversation ranged beyond the topic of blogging to our ideas of place more generally, to his work, and my dissertation, and along the way he offered some helpful suggestions in ways to approach my research on place blogging. I consider it one of the perks of this particular dissertation that it gives me an excuse to meet up with interesting people in interesting places, and I hope it’s possible to keep it that way.


One response to “Getting Settled in San Francisco”

  1. Tim: How long are you here? wondering if we can meet up at all — we’re about an hour and a half away. Unless every waking hour is taken up with conference. I’d love to hear how your session went.