First–and Last–Boston College Football Game

For the next week, I’ll be playing tour guide for a visitor from Fargo,so it gives me an excuse to do some things I haven’t had a chance to do yet as a resident. Despite being at Boston College for numerous years (for my ego’s sake, I prefer not to actully say the number anymore) I still haven’t been to a BC sporting event. It’s not that I don’t like sports–I actually play them quite a bit–but I’ve developed a low tolerance for watching sports, especially ones that I no longer believe in.

Case in point–football. Though I played football through 8th grade and was an avid Vikings fan growing up, I now think it’s a sport that takes too much money and receives too much attention, especially in university settings. You only have observe the 30 million dollar building being built just for the football program or the $100,000 dollar check presented during the game this evening to know what’s important around here.

Since I won’t be going to any more BC football games, I thought I’d at least get a shot of myself with a sign Joel made for the folks back home. Of course, as modest Scandinavians, we were’t self-assertive enough to hold it up much during the game, so this may be the most airtime it gets.

Photo at football game with sign that says "Hello Fargo"