Ecotone: A Wiki for Place Blogging

This evening as I was trying to decide what to submit to the 2004 Computers and Writing Conference (since the deadline is this week), I ran across a great wiki on place-based blogging called “Ecotone:” Writing about Place.”

Now that I know that there is as least this community, I’m inspired me to kickstart this weblog and continue my investigation into the genre of place-based blogging. Skimming through the site led me on a breathless scurry through numerous related sites and now I’m looking forward to exploring them more. But for the moment, I’m tired of being in front of the computer and since I’m feeling like going out for a walk, I know that Ecotone is the kind of site I’ve been looking for.


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    Tim: I’ve been breathlessly reading your site, excited to find such a compatible soul in none other than Massachusetts, my old stomping grounds (I used to find myself in Mt. Auburn often before work during migration–often).The wiki has been neglected a bit of late and I’m wondering whether you might be able to share with us some of your new finds on the wiki ( for your great site. You’ve made my day! I don’t now how to de-anonymousize myself above but I’m Pica of Feathers of Hope (

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    Thanks for commenting, Pica. I would love to add to the list of
    place-blogs, but as you may have noticed, my own list is a bit
    underdeveloped still. I just haven’t had time to get them up, but I will try to contribute in both places before to long.

    Feel free register
    as a member of the site if you’d like to have your name show up on
    comments. Drupal doesn’t yet have the option (like MT) for annonymous
    users to leave their names or emails.