Downtown Fargo at Dusk

Photo of Fargo Depot with sunset reflected in window

Today I flew back to Fargo to spend time with family and reconnect with the homeland. To acclimate myself, I took an after-dinner stroll down Broadway to see how the downtown revitalization effort is progressing. More was finished, more was torn up, but on the whole it was looking good.

On my way back I took this photo of the old Great Northern Railway depot, now a restaurant and brewery. Just before I could cross the tracks to walk home, a west-bound train came through pulling close to a hundred cars of cargo. I stood watching the containers marked “Uniglory” and “Hundai” pass by, imagining what it would be like to jump that train and ride it across North Dakota, to sit looking up at the stars and smell the grain as the fields rolled by on a summer night.