• My Life with Squirrels

    Today Cathy sent me alink to this amazing photo of an albino squirrel near Jamaica pond taken by cottenmanifesto and posted at Loving Nature While Living in the City. Apparently its existence dominated the lunch conversation at her work today. The life of a squirrel can be a precarious one, as I witnessed earlier this…

  • Condo Cameo

    At the Stoneybrook Neighborhood Association meeting in December, I met someone who used to live in the building next door to me and through our conversation discovered a bit more about the history of both buildings. Fifteen years ago when he bought the place, it had reputation as a drug house and had been condemned…

  • Fixed Gear and Fixed Rate

    Fixed Gear and Fixed Rate

    In the space of two hours on Friday afternoon, I closed on a condo in Jamaica Plain and picked up a fixed gear bike at Ace Wheelworks in Somerville. Sorry to drop this news on you without any run-up, but that's just the way it has to be. I can't really explain why I haven't…

  • Winter Window

    Winter Window

    Yesterday’s snow inspired me to take a picture framed by the door to my apartment. It reminded me of a window picture I took a couple years ago at my old house, that time in the fall.

  • Thundersnow


    This afternoon I’ve been working at home during our first snowstorm of the season. About half hour ago I was startled by a flash of light–muted but very distinct–that seemed to come from outside. Then, a second or two later, there was thunder. Cunning naturalist that I am, I turned to google to figure out…

  • Portait of the Artist

    Portait of the Artist

    Some evenings when I walk up the steps to our house, I can see Dave sitting at his easel painting, his figure framed by the window and lit by his nearby lamp. He’s a portait painter, and the  faces he creates fill our dinning room with color and life. A couple months ago, I purchased…

  • The Quint House Goes Wireless

    Tonight I’m sitting on the porch enjoying the warm summer breeze while working online for the first time–thanks to the wireless network I finally set up last night. I just never bothered to set one up, since our wired network has served us just fine, but now that my third floor room has reached oven-like…

  • The Quint House

    The Quint House

    The house where I live was built in the 1890’s and used to be the parsonage of Allston Congregational Church next door. There are six bedrooms, and, since I’m a graduate student, I feel right at home on the third floor in what used to be the servant’s quarters.