Car-less at Last

It’s symbolic that the day after I got my new bike from Bikes Not Bombs, I was also able to get rid of my car–sometime yesterday the LaBaron was donated to a worthy cause. I really don’t need a car in the city, and I certainly can live with out all the repairs that car would have needed, given it’s age. Now I should be able to get by just fine between Zipcar and Cathy’s Jeep, and the rest of the time I’ll enjoy gliding around town on my hot red Bianchi.


2 responses to “Car-less at Last”

  1. Wow Tim, lots of changes! Good for you. We don’t, strictly speaking, really need a car either, and I’m inspired by your leap into carlessness. Bianchi: it has an "h." "CH" in Italian is pronounced "K." Hope you don’t mind my pointing it out…

  2. Tim Lindgren Avatar
    Tim Lindgren

    Thanks for the spell-check. I’ve had the pronounciation right, but I have to remember to get that h in there.