Capturing the Past

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I have decided to document my hometown in a very concrete way.  I’ve created a place blog for it.  I want to discover and share why my town came into existence, and the people who were there at the beginning, and even those that were there before the town, if possible.  Because there were people there before the town.

I’m finding out that my little village, never a big town, has a very colorful past.  I’ve discovered in my life that most places and individuals are far more fascinating that most of us give them credit for.  I’m challenged to convey my hometown in as vivacious a manner, or moreso, than Mr. Keillor does his ‘Lake Wobegon”.

St. Vincent, MN 56755 (a zip code that doesn’t exist anymore) was and is a very real place.  I will show everyone why it was, and why it was and is special to me…