A Sense of Place: Finding a Somewhere to Call Home

Yesterday I tried out Google’s new blogsearch feature by plugging in “place” and one of the first sites that came up was Ronni Bennett’s blog, “A Sense of Place: Finding a Place to Call Home.” In May she decided to start this blog to document her recent decision to leave New York City after 30-some years and to find a less expensive part of the country to live in. Ronni has been keeping another blog for a while now, Time Goes By: What It’s Really Like to Get Older; the new blog builds on this one by focusing on what it’s like to have to move later in life after having been somewhere for so long. There’s a particular energy that comes with a new blog, especially when it’s clear some important personal work is getting done in the writing. I looking forward to reading about her transition to Portland, ME, a place that I have good memories of visiting.

It was nice to cross paths in the comments with some other familiar faces–Fred and Rana. It’s no wonder they would find common ground with Ronni’s blogging.


3 responses to “A Sense of Place: Finding a Somewhere to Call Home”

  1. Trishymouse Avatar

    I’m very familiar with Ronni’s blog AS TIME GOES BY – I am a regular reader of it, and sometimes a commenter there, tracking it in my newsreader.  I look forward to reading this part of her life here…