A Noreaster and a Return to Blogging

Tonight I’m snowed in by a good old-fashioned Noreaster, and I’ve decided now is as a good a time as any return to the Whereproject. We’re supposed to get 20-30 inches and wind gusts of 50 mph (close to 70 on the Cape), so I’ll probably be hunkered done here at home until tomorrow night. I stopped by Home Depot and Shaws to this afternoon to buy groceries and a shovel, and both places where complete madhouses–everyone storing up to ride out the storm.

My hiatus from blogging has been longer than I intended, but the Christmas break and beginning of the semester brought more work than I expected: I submitted an webtext on place blogging to Kairos; I finished designing my First-Year Writing seminar for this spring; I set up a small web hosting business (emphasis on the small) to serve friends and family; I designed a site for Bob Massie to keep folks updated on his upcoming liver transplant; and tonight I upgrade the Whereproject to Drupal 4.5.2 (from 4.3). So I’ve been busy, but now I hope to get back into a steadier schedule with more time for blogging. We’ll see…

(Update: it is now officially insane outside. We must have a foot of snow already and the wind is ferocious. This could be the best blizzard I’ve seen since I moved to Boston. It may not set records for snow, but what we have is blowing around like crazy.)


2 responses to “A Noreaster and a Return to Blogging”

  1. When I lived in Boston, all winter weather was measured by "The Blizzard of Seventy-Eight." I missed this — I was in my first year of college in England — but so many people went into so much detail about what it was like that it was almost as though I’d lived through it.Sounds like this storm might be giving it a little competition, though. We have nothing so exciting here: just more damn fog.

  2. Tim Lindgren Avatar
    Tim Lindgren

    According to the weatherman, this storm was comparable to the storm of ’78, but with a few important differences: there was less warning in ’78; we’ve been hearing about this storm for a few days. there were several nasty high tides in ’78 that did quite a bit of damage; this time around we only had one bad one. the snow was wetter in ’78; this storm was cold enough to keep the snow light. However, this storm had it’s own remarkable qualities: 28-foot waves reported along the coast6-8 foot drifts in downtown Boston20-30 inches of snow throughout Eastern MA, with a few towns getting three feet. Things have calmed down now and we’re beginning the task of shovelling out. It’s going to stay cold this week, so it looks like I’ll be able to get some cross-country skiing in before it melts.